Why Work With Me?
  • 12 years voice-over and recording experience
  • Versatile delivery
  • Great understanding of what my clients are wanting to achieve – whilst taking specific direction well
  • A reputation built on efficiency and professionalism – my clients come back again and again
  • Private studio for quick turnaround
  • No charge until you’re 100% happy
How do I know that you have the right voice for my job?

You can listen to some of my voice work by playing the ‘Voice Samples’ on this site, here you can play samples according to the style of read.  Also, feel free to send me part of your script with some direction and I can record a sample – with no charge or obligation to use my voice for the final record.

How fast is your turnaround time on a project?

Depending on the length of your script, time of day, and other jobs pending, I can usually record and deliver your audio file within a matter of hours, 48 hours maximum. Of course recording audio books, guides, long corporates, or full IVR scrips may take longer.

How much is it going to cost me?

I charge fees based on the length of your script and how the audio will be used, whether a 30″ tv ad, a 2 page corporate presentation or a 4 page IVR script. If it’s a long e-learning or audio book, a fee per word or per finished hour of audio can be arrived at. You can either let me know your budget for a job, or ask me for an immediate quote.

You will not be billed until you are 100% happy with the recording.

How can I pay?

I accept payments via:

  • Paypal – OliviaB.co
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card

Please email me if you need further details – exact payment details will be sent after the job has been recorded.

Do you charge for pick ups and corrections?

No, the price you are given includes any necessary corrections or retakes for the agreed script (within reason). If there are subsequent changes to the script made by you, an agreed additional fee may apply.

You will not be charged until you’re 100% happy with the recording.

Which voice over services do you provide?

I provide voice overs for all kinds of mediums: tv and radio – commercials and promos, corporate presentations and videos, e-learning and educational courses, museum and travel guides, video games, documentaries, audio books, and cartoon dubbing for films and television series, plus I can be that welcoming voice of your company’s phone on-hold IVR system.

Where are you based?

I was born in the UK and worked in London for a number of years.  I now live and work in Dubai, UAE, where thanks to modern technology, I record for clients all around the world.

Can I monitor the recording live from a different country?

Yes, we can connect free of charge via Skype or ipDTL so you can ‘sit in’ on the recording from wherever you are.  If you would like to monitor the recording in this way, I still always recommend recording from my end and sending the files over after the session has finished – to avoid any internet drop out or degradation in quality of the final files.

What other services do you provide?


  • Proofreading – I provide proofreading services for a number of clients. Whether you just require a quick check over your script, your script requires some serious editing, or you require a script to be written from scratch, my many years copywriting experience, in both creative and corporate scripts, will ensure you end up 100% happy.
  • Translation to Arabic – I work with a number of excellent translators and can consult to make sure you get the most out of your script.
  • Foreign Language Voice Over Artists – If you need a foreign language version of your script just ask. I work regularly with top VO artists from all over the world.
I am working on a not-for-profit production and I need a voice over. What is your policy regarding fees?

I welcome the opportunity to work with NGOs, charitable organisations and on not-for-profit productions. If you have a request please fill in the ‘Request Quote’ page on this site, including the details of the organisation, and I’ll be happy to help.

What accent do you have? What accents can you do?

I have a Standard English accent, or neutral English accent, also referred to as RP (received pronunciation), and can provide variations from more well spoken to cockney, depending on your requirements.

How is your studio equipped?

My studio is set up with professional industry gear:

  • AKG C414 XLS Microphone
  • Apogee preamp
  • Kayotica Eyeball + additional pop shield
  • Twisted Wave running on iMAC
  • Soundproofed vocal booth
Privacy Policy. How do I use your personal information?

I take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. Your information will not be sold or redistributed to anyone.